Olympus iS-3 DLX

The Olympus iS-3 DLX is an all-in-one SLR camera with a 35-180mm ED zoom lens.

Olympus iS-3 DLX SLR Camera

I will post specs soon, but was anxious to get a sample photo up once I saw what this camera is capable of. I will also post more images soon. The shot below is from my first test roll through the camera and the lighting conditions were far from idea - we're talking harsh 11 AM November sun here.

Imported Domestic

Imported Domestic, India Street, Portland, Maine

Above: A sign on a building along India Street in Portland, Maine. Shot with an Olympus iS-3 DLX and Kodak Ultramax 400 color print film. 11/13/2007.

India Street, Portland, Maine

India Street in Portland, Maine

Above: Looking up India Street from the bottom of the hill in the Old Port section of Portland, Maine. Shot with an Olympus iS-3 DLX SLR camera and Kodak Ultramax 400 print film. With this shot I was zoomed all the way in at 180mm. 11/13/2007.